Joonas Tuhkuri

Assistant Professor of Economics, Stockholm University









I am an economist (PhD, MIT) and an Assistant Professor of Economics at Stockholm University from 2023.

 Currently, I am based in Berlin at the new Rockwool Foundation Berlin and the Berlin School of Economics, and a Senior Fellow at Etla.

My research focuses on technology, work, and psychology using novel large-scale data. My latest research documents that new technologies led to increases in employment, contrasting with the common concerns about the future of work. I previously created a real-time forecast ETLAnow that predicts unemployment using Google search data.

The media has featured my research widely, including The Economist, Washington Post, Wired, and Bloomberg. HS Visio also listed me in their 35 under 35. My PhD dissertation was awarded the W.E. Upjohn Institute Award 2022.

CV (Updated November 2022)

Research Statement (Updated October 2022)


Tel: +358 400 239 818
Rockwool Foundation Berlin
c/o Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Department of Economics
Spandauer Straße 1
10178 Berlin

Open positions: Our team at RF Berlin is looking for research assistants / pre-docs / post-docs for cool projects on technology and work. Contact me if you are interested!

Working Papers

New Evidence on the Effect of Technology on Employment and Skill Demand

(with Johannes Hirvonen and Aapo Stenhammar)

Last Updated: May 2022

under revision for the Quarterly Journal of Economics

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Online Appendix


Featured in The Economist

Twitter Summary

Psychological Traits and Adaptation in the Labor Market

(with Ramin Izadi)

Last Updated: April 2022

Abstract (click to expand)

Featured in Marginal Revolution

School vs. Action-Oriented Personalities in the Labor Market

(with Ramin Izadi)

Last Updated: November 2021

Abstract (click to expand)

Featured in Marginal Revolution

The Surprising Intergenerational Effects of Manufacturing Decline

Last Updated: October 2021

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Work in Progress

Scarcity vs. Surplus: New Evidence on Labor Supply and Industrialization

(with Jonas Mueller-Gastell)

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The Economist: Economists are revising their views on robots and jobs, 2022.
The Economist: Leader: The world should welcome the rise of the robots, 2022.
Wired: Automation Isn’t the Biggest Threat to US Factory Jobs, 2022.
Bloomberg: Understanding Europe’s Economy in 100 Billion Google Searches, 2016.



ETLAnow: Real-time unemployment forecasts based on Google search data. 2014–
Featured in The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, YLE News, HS, and widely in the global media.


Occupation Codes: This package harmonizes Finnish occupation codes.
Industry Codes: This package harmonizes Finnish industry codes (2 and 3 digit levels).
County and Subregion Codes: This package harmonizes Finnish county codes into consistent subregions.


Policy Brief: New Evidence on the Effect of Technology on Employment and Skill Demand, ETLA Brief 108, 2022 (with J. Hirvonen and A. Stenhammar).

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